• Shiv Jyoti

    "Educate to elevate and Inspire to awake" i.e. our conviction. So it is established education with unlimited resources, evolving ingenious methods, outstanding teaching techniques for the aspirants with zeal of learning. "Learning starts before the age of 5 years-develop physically, intellectually, socially, environmentally"…… So we created and evolved the best environment for the creative young minds by inspiring to achieve their goals.

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  • About Us

    "Teaching and training students is an outstanding technique" but motivating and inspiring them is a hi-technique. It is our strong pillars with commitment. Our experienced faculty focuses on imparting invaluable knowledge through sharp and shortcut methods and inspires the student to put their maximum capabilities to complete the given task devotionally. The secret leads us and our students for a successful career.

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  • Mission & Vision

    Apart from the academic excellence, Shiv Jyoti Group bears the vision of inculcating in the students the right moral values so that they grow up to be able citizens of tomorrow. We make every effort to ensure that our students are global citizens who know how to use their knowledge for the benefit of their community, country and humanity. We aim to preserve and enhance the highest standards of excellence and prepare generations for the 21st century.

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We have spacious, optimally lit and airy classrooms.The furniture is comfortable enough.

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Mission & Vision

The motive is perfect personality development of our students befitting to the rich cultural heritage of India.

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The curriculum and text- books are reviewed and revised frequently, in keeping with the latest trends.

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