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Come Play with us…

Overall Personality Development:
Sports play an important role in the overall personality development of children. Various Sports Activities help students remain fit. These activities also enable the students cope up with the day to day stressful situations. Students develop a keen sense of Sportsmanship, acquire the technical skills required to play various games and are better cut out to meet situations which do not always guarantee success.
At our school, we aim for perfection not only in Academics but in the field of Sports as well. There is provision for sports activities such that students of all age groups can enjoy, relax and exercise all at the same time. We have the best of coaches to teach the students the various rules, skills and techniques required for mastering various games. Students can take part in any Outdoor Sport of their choice and they have a vast variety to choose from Athletics, Cricket, Kho-Kho, Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton and Tennis are some of the options that our school offers. With expert coaches for each activity, school encourages its students to take their Sport seriously and take part in competitions of diverse kinds.
The Sports infrastructure at our school is more than adequate to meet all the above mentioned aims.

"All work and no play make jack a dull boy!"

This can't be truer. School has sufficient playing fields so that no student at school has a chance to become dull!
Swimming is given a lot of importance at our school. There are provisions made for all age groups. This Sport is indeed a very popular sporting activity. The school also boasts of a half-Olympic sized indoor swimming pool for the senior swimmers. The water is chlorine free and treated with ozone technology. The expert coaches are recruited keeping in mind they will be required to tackle beginners, regular swimmers as well as train students to take part in various competitions.

The student just needs to have an inclination for a particular Sport and the rest is taken care of in such a manner that the child finds the activity to be one of pleasure and relaxation.

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